Platform Cooperatives

A platform cooperative is an online store or service booking web site that is owned by its members. They benefit from the cooperative’s success, just like any other worker or member owned business.

Unlike many sales or service booking platforms, a platform cooperative operates for the profit and benefit of its users. Both customers and service vendors work to decide where surplus profits go, rather than feeding big Wall Street or Silicon Valley venture capitalists. More here.

After all, you work hard, so why not be a part of something that rewards you for supporting your local economy?

Try the Covivi demo!

Here are some other examples.

We’re an owner of Resonate, a cooperatively owned and operated stream-to-own service! Check it out.


Fairmondo is a cooperative online store based in Germany.



Now there is a Fairmondo in the UK!Be the good. Buy the good.

Here’s a long infographic but it’s a quick read. Scroll down to web services; it features us!